In this photographic presentation are introduced different types of chairs of the Empire, Baroque, Rococo, Renaissance and Gothic style and their later stylistic derivatives.

A chairs is designed for sitting and supporting the weigh of the body. A typical chair consists of backrest, seat and carrier ( usually four feet but there are more or less feet types). A chair can have an armrest as a complement. This type of chair is then classified as a furniture group used to have a rest such as an armchair.

A chair can be upholstered or not. A armchair is always upholstered. A chair is designed for one person to have a  rest or to dine. It can be made from different types of material but the most common is wooden chair. The height of the seat should be between 40 - 50 cm to be comfortable for sitting person with legs bent at an obtuse angle. The angle of the backrest should be 5 °. The height of the backrest should reach below the shoulder blades or to the shoulders. Office chair provides higher sitting comfort. It has elements of active sitting and it is a type of an ergonomic chair for long-term sitting.

Gallery samples of our work, chairs made to order.

(Prices of chairs vary according to the difficulty of the design from 615 to 2.255 euros)