about us

The firm CVR interiéry s.r.o.,  specialises in design and production of historical interiors exclusively from european and exotic woods.
Our products include comprehensive range of historic furniture and interior accessories of all periods and styles, handmade carved figural, floral and heraldic sculptures, interior and exterior structural elements such as door portals, lining the walls, coffered ceilings, atypical windows, doors, stairs etc.

Our production is entirely manual with maximum compliance with the original technology of structures and procedures. We use only the noble material,  solid wood, brass, bronze, marble. In any case we do not use the substitutes of  furniture material such as chipboard, laminate etc.

When we are selecting artefacts of the classical interior culture we cooperate with representatives of the department of National Heritage Institution and management of chateaus and castles such as  The State Castle of Lysice, The National Museum Ohrada, The State Castle of  Pernštejn, The State Castle of  Hrádek u Nechanic, The State Castle of  Lednice, museums,  state and private archives, libraries, The Mendel  University in Brno, The Czech University of Agriculture in Prague etc.

Our products  are based on photo-documentation, originál period drawings or engravings. Then we transform these into the form of drawing studies and workshop drawings.

Our credo is the quality of the products and the architectural purity.

Our firm provides all-embracing professional assistance in the solution of the interior including the mode of use. We have implemented a number of historical object during the operation on the market. Part of our production is the content of this presentation.

Our clients were/are mainly owners of chateau Chotoviny, Mladecko, Luka nad Jihlavou, Letovice, Brunka, Úmonín, Radovesnice, Pravlov, Sobotín, Štiřín, Hodkov, Škvorec, Slavkov, Kunratice, Halič, Žinkovy, Erdödy Palace in Bratislava and historical objects such as The General Consulate of The Russian Federation in Brno, The Gottland Museum, Town Hall in Skalica, Lookout Tower  Kutná Hora, Town Hall in Čáslav etc.

Our clients were/are these firms – Luxury Barocco Bar Zlín, UNCLE SAM a.s., Arcelor Mittal Bratislava, IMET a.s., Eastfield a.s., Brunsweek  Novi Sad a.s., Mayzus Investment Company, Balus a.s., Kalipso Style Eurl Paris, Cristallschiff Wien, Riverside o.p.s., The Order of Teutonic Knights, Hotel Opera Prague, IVYSO a.s., The Ministry for Regional Development of The Czech Republic, National Muzeum Ohrada,  The Orthodox Church Municipality in Brno, Imperio regere a.s., Silnice Čáslav-Holding a.s., НовоСтройГарант , Metalcom a.s. and many others.

Our clients have in common the representative lifestyle characterized by, in particular, a conscious respect for the noble attributes of the existence civilized society such as culture, art and style. That is why we use the motto: